New White Paper Provides Insights into Key Next Steps to Effectively Adopt DERMS Technology

AUSTIN, TexasSept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — A new research report released by Zpryme, an Austin-based market research agency, explores how distributed energy resources (DERs) like renewables, battery storage and flexible capacity can be better integrated into the grid. The report, conducted in conjunction with Enbala, found that utility industry leaders recognize the dramatic impact analytics and software-based solutions will have on effectively integrating DERs. Utilities are increasingly looking to distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) to incorporate essential data on the supply of DERs to seamlessly manage grid operations.  Zpryme surveyed 150 utility industry professionals to understand perspectives on the present and future of DERMS, and their efforts to integrate the systems into the utility infrastructure.

“Defining DERMS: A Technology Whose Time has Come” takes a step into how utilities define DERMS and DERMS use cases to explores efforts planned and underway to integrate them into today’s utility infrastructure. The use of DERMS is steadily increasing. For example, 57% of utilities are looking for a DERMS solution to optimize DER utilization for their grid and market needs. Finding an effective software vendor to work effectively with an IT team to streamline DERMS will be crucial for the grid. Unfortunately, utilities are all at different stages when it comes to deploying DERMS. 34% of utilities are in the planning/investigatory stages, while another 34% are moving forward with pilot testing. The remaining utilities are either approving budgets (12%) or moving forward with large-scale deployment (11%).

The hesitance towards implementation of DERMS may be attributed to key issues defined by the utilities. For example, 81% agreed that the “ease of integration and operability across DER vendors will be a key issue to address to effectively scale and maximize value of a DERMS implementation.” DERMS can be applied to SCADA, AMI, Demand Management, GIS and a whole host of other applications, but utilities are approaching full integration slowly since they view integration to be a difficult process that will affect many of their systems.

“A considerable amount of thought, time and effort went into crafting this important new market research on distributed energy resources and DERMS technology,” said Enbala CEO and President Arthur “Bud” Vos. “We’re honored to have been a part of this important initiative to uncover many important new facts and trends about the rapidly-changing DERMS landscape.”

In the face of uncertainty surrounding the proper application of DERMS, the paper offers recommendations for adopting the technology. It also provides key steps and tips for creating and implementing your DERMS strategy. For example, finding the right partnerships is critical to adopt the right technology at the most feasible prices, but utilities also need to look internally to see how their personnel and their systems can handle DERMS adoption. The paper points out that DERMS are useful with broad applications, and utilities just need to take a smart approach to adoption.

“The past couple of years have seen a great deal of excitement and uncertainty regarding the prospect DERMS can have on the utility industry. Zpryme’s research partnership with Enbala has enabled us to effectively gather concrete insights into how utilities are currently using DERMS, and explore the power they will have to transform the grid into the future,” said Zpryme Senior Content Manager, Christopher Moyer.

The paper shows that it is critical for utilities to plan and deploy DERMS from a functional business application perspective. The most effective technology will positively impact the customer and allow for operational integration of DERs. To learn more, download the paper below:

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