The European AMI market is more developed than other parts of the world, leading from a technology standpoint and creating several advantages over other countries like the United States and China. European innovation in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure market has been primarily spurred by the focus of EU directives, combined with geographically clustered cities and achieving interoperation across the smart grid.

These conditions have made Europe the leader for AMI, and given AMI’s importance for the smart grid’s future, this market is a key barometer for what we can expect going forward. This Premium SGI report provides the most comprehensive and current set of forecasts anywhere for the AMI opportunity in each EU country through until 2020.

Today, Europe accounts for 35% of the global AMI market, and is projected to reach $9.2 billion by 2020. By 2020, Europe’s installed base of smart meters will be just under 230 million. Europe’s annual growth rate for AMI will be just under the global AMI annual growth rate of 10.4%. Combined, Germany and the U.K. are projected to account for 27% of the European AMI market by 2020. The AMI segments projected to grow the fastest are IT Hardware, Systems, and Applications, and Communication Systems/Networks. However, Meter Data Management Systems will also see a large uptake by European utilities during this time period as well.

Zpryme has refined its forecasting models over dozens of reports to produce granular projections based on expected demand and our first-hand knowledge of local market conditions. Complementing these metrics, our report includes profiles of both established and emerging AMI vendors, assessments of AMI deployment plans for 10 leading EU utilities, and smart grid briefs on the top 10 EU countries.

To make this a truly industry-first report for actionable planning, the combined expertise of Zpryme’s global research team and Smart Grid Advisory Board provide a concise set of strategic insights to capitalize on the dynamic European AMI market opportunity. This includes our overall go-to-market recommendations, assessment of EU policies and directives, driving technologies, and key success factors for market entry. For more information, please refer to the table of contents below.

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Executive Summary 2
European Smart Meter Forecasts, 2012 – 2020 4

  • Annual Shipments
  • Installed Base

Recommendations and Opportunities 5
Market Overview 6
State of the Market 7
Regulations, Policies & Government Initiatives 7
Technological Benefits and Segments 9
Global Market Value Forecasts 11
Global and European Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market Value Forecast, 2012 – 2020 11
France, U.K., Germany, Italy, and Spain AMI Market Value Forecast, 2012 – 2020 11
European AMI Market Value Forecast by Technology Segment, 2012 – 2020 11

  • Smart Electric Meters
  • IT Hardware, Systems, and Applications
  • Communication Systems/Networks
  • Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
  • Other

Methodology 12
Mega Drivers of AMI in Europe 13
Emerging Applications 15
Key Players and Solutions 17
Other Key Players to Watch 18
Major Utilities 21
Centrica 21
Endesa 22
Enel 23
RWE 23
Eni 24
Vattenfall 24
E.ON 25
EDF 25
Country Briefs 26
United Kingdom 26
Germany 26
Spain 27
France 28
Italy 29
Denmark 30
Portugal 30
Sweden 31
Ireland 32
Finland 32
Keys to Entering the European AMI Market 34
Zpryme’s Market Outlook, 2012 – 2020 35

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