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The rise of mobile, consumer-driven technology is changing employees’ expectations for the tools they use at work, causing a shift in operational and cultural approaches to business that impacts all employees. To attract and keep the best talent, enterprises must develop a flexible, agile, and frictionless approach to technology that engages and supports employees throughout the process. A true digital workplace embraces the people, places and platforms that allow companies to harness and nurture employees’ skills and ultimately better connect with their customers.

Zpryme surveyed over 130 utilities and energy professionals to explore the digital workplace transformation. Those findings serve as the basis for this paper which addresses the following topics:

  • Driving factors for utilities and energy companies in transitioning to a digital workplace.
  • Primary business challenges that create the need for a digital workplace.
  • Challenges utilities and energy companies face when developing a digital workplace.
  • Benefits of moving to a digital workplace for the employees, the company, and the customers.