This month’s Smart Grid Index (SGI) results show that overall Smart Grid sentiment decreased by one percentage point, to 71%. However, utility sentiment was actually higher than vendor sentiment this month. Forty-six percent of all respondents said they expect Smart Grid hiring to increase over the next 12 months. Thirty-six percent of the vendors surveyed closed a new deal last month, while 67% of utilities expect to submit new Smart Grid proposals for budget approval over the next year.


  • The amount of vendors who indicated they closed a deal in the previous month has decreased for three consecutive months.
  • Over the past six months, overall positive sentiment has been fairly consistent, averaging 70% during this time period.
  • Another consistent trend is that an average of one out of three executives foresees significant investments in global Smart Grid technology (6 month average).
  • Clearly, utilities recognize the value and necessity to deploy Smart Grid technologies, as the majority of utilities (an average of 70% over the past six months) have consistently revealed that they are submitting new Smart Grid proposals.

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