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With climate change already causing increased frequency and severity of catastrophic weather events, utilities are facing the immediate need for a cohesive decarbonization strategy. Traditionally, utility approaches to decarbonization have been decentralized throughout and organization, but to effectively combat challenges brought on by climate change, they’ll need more robust decarbonization strategies.

Zpryme and Motive Power are announcing the creation of the National Public Utility Council (NPUC) in order to share useful information among utilities to help further their decarbonization goals and prepare for federal regulation requirements. The Council will grow a compendium of knowledge to share across the nation’s utilities.

To kick off the NPUC, Zpryme and Motive Power surveyed over 80 sustainability and innovation-focused utility respondents. The survey was followed by a roundtable discussion with NPUC representatives. With insight from the survey and roundtable discussion, this report explores:

● How utilities view their decarbonization efforts
● Utility strategies around decarbonization efforts
● How information and metrics for decarbonization efforts are shared