The purpose of this monthly report is to track overall customer experience (CX) and mobile experience (CX) customer ratings by industry. The results of the analysis are presented by age, U.S. region, and gender. The data in this report was collected at the end of June 2022.


The data and graphics in this report are from Zpryme’s monthly and quarterly consumer benchmarking surveys. Data is based upon a nationally representative survey sample of 1,000 U.S. adults (margin of error: +/- 3.5%).


  • For best overall service providers, the top three were: online shopping (28.8%), banking (28.6%), and electric, water, gas utilities (13.3%). The top two ratings were very close.
  • For best mobile service provider, the top three were: banking (25.8%), online shopping (25.1%), and mobile/wireless phone (20.4%).
  • A review of findings from March 2021 to June 2022 revealed the same top three overall service providers for the past 16 months, with banking and online shopping jockeying for first and second place and electric, water, gas utilities steadily in third place. For best mobile service provider, mobile/wireless phone has remained in the top three ratings, but has dropped from first place (last seen in May 2021 through November 2021) to third place (from February 2022 through June 2022).



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