This monthly report tracks battery storage projects by capacity, state, entity owners, and ownership type.


Analysis and data for this report was done by Zpryme using the U.S. EIA 860 monthly generation operator data.

U.S. Battery Capacity and Projects Through June 2022

  • In June 2022, 8 operational battery projects were added in the U.S., accounting for an additional 293 MW of capacity. Compared to May, cumulative operational battery capacity increased by 5.2% in June.
  • As of June 2022, cumulative operational battery projects totaled 358 with a capacity of 5,890 MW.
  • Future planned capacity decreased by 315 MW in June 2022, reaching a total of 16,658 MW (vs 16,973 in May of 2022).
  • From January 2022 to June 2022, a total of 42 battery projects have been added in the U.S., accounting for an additional 1,321 MW of capacity.
  • Since January 2021, U.S. operational battery capacity has increased by 4,259 MW or 261%.
  • As of June 2022, 80.0% of battery capacity was owned by Non-CHP IPPs and 19.9% was owned by utilities.
  • In June 2022, the top 5 states ranked by battery capacity were California (3,177 MW), Texas (879 MW), Florida (509 MW), Massachusetts (192 MW), and Nevada (165 MW).
  • In June 2022, the top 5 battery project owners ranked by capacity were NextEra Energy (1,053 MW), LS Power (450.0 MW), Broad Reach Power (339), Terra-Gen (337 MW), and AES (324 MW).



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