The purpose of this monthly report is to track U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales, adoption rates, and sales by vehicle model type.


Analysis and data for this report is done by Zpryme using the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National Lab (ANL) EV data.

U.S. EV Sales

  • For September 2022, EV sales reached 77,687, which represents a 9.6% increase over August 2022. On an annual basis, according to data from ANL, this represents a 76.7% increase compared to September 2021 EV sales (43,959).
  • In September, PEVs accounted for 7.0% of all light-duty vehicle (LDV) sales, which is up from the 6.3% figure reached in July 2022.
  • Small size SUVs (39%) and midsize cars (26%) made up the majority of PEV models sold through September of 2022.
  • Through September, Tesla models have accounted for over a half (55.2%) of EV sales in 2022.
  • In September, BEVs accounted for 81.4% of all PEVs sold (18.6% for PHEVs).



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