Jan 13,2022

11:00 am CST


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As the energy transition accelerates, utilities are facing new operational challenges with the integration of intermittent renewables, microgrids, and EV adoption. Digitization is a key strategy for utilities to manage the disruption caused by the energy transition and every utility must ask itself whether it is fully prepared for the disruption that will occur over the next ten years.

  • Is its digital transformation sufficiently advanced?
  • Can it manage an increasingly distributed grid?
  • Does it have the skills to apply advanced analytics to manage the complexity and intermittency of renewables?
  • Is it prepared to cope with the new volumes of data that will need to be analyzed in real-time?

Data readiness will be a key success factor in the energy transition. In this Zpryme webinar with Cognite and NYPA, we’ll discuss the results of a recent survey which details the various states of digital transformation across the utility industry. NYPA will then share a few examples of data-readiness along their digital journey and how it is helping them evolve to address current and future operational challenges. Lastly, we’ll discuss lessons learned and several best practices for how to quickly become more data ready in 2022.

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