December 18, 2018

2:00 pm EDT


Policy-makers and regulators in California, British Colombia, and dozens of municipalities around the globe have set and in some cases met aggressive targets for 100% carbon-free energy. Simultaneously, customers are increasingly adopting distributed renewable energy that is starting to impact grid planning and operations. These fundamental changes will require utilities to undertake a transformational shift in their mindset to create a business model based on distributed energy resources (DERs). By deploying digital technology designed to better integrate DERs utilities can effectively tackle the business challenges of resilience, decentralization, operational profitability, and decarburization. Successful utilities will focus on creating data-driven, integrated digital infrastructure that allows for advanced planning and more agile operational decision making. How can utilities look across transmission, distribution, centralized generation, and DERs to create a grid that is resilient, clean, and decentralized? This webinar discusses:

  • The industry drivers of digital transformation around grid and DER management
  • The challenges and benefits of changing the way the grid is modeled
  • The effects of digital grid modeling on DER management and grid modernization strategies

Webinar Thought Leaders