Date: June 15, 2016
Time: 12:00pm ET
Price: FREE

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Utility industry security and compliance experts discuss the results of the most recent, BRIDGE Energy Group survey, reaching over 22,000 active utility employees.  The survey reveals that although the security transformation deemed necessary to protect the nations critical utility infrastructure is underway; it is far from finished.  Operationalizing the security of the OT and IT assets through a sustainable program remains a challenge.

Although the origins of this transformation date to March 15, 2007, when FERC addressed the public outcry following the 2003 Northeast Blackout with the first set of legally enforceable standards for the Bulk Power System, the scope of the mandated measures continues to broaden and deepen beyond grid operations and OT to mainstream IT.  From now through September of 2018 utility cybersecurity programs must continue this transformation under mandate.

Join this live session to learn more about what your counterparts are doing to develop adaptive, efficient and sustainable security programs to combat seemingly ever increasing cybersecurity costs and evolving threats and risks. Highlights include:

  • Using self-assessment to streamline operations and reduce compliance costs
  • Reducing your audit exposure and preparation time
  • Maintaining a focus on your most at-risk elements
  • Promoting continued improvement on response and recovery from cyber threats.

Webinar Thought Leaders

Matt Croucher

Richard Jones

VP Grid Security
Bridge Energy Group

Rick Nicholson

Sarah Stevens


ModeratorH. Christine Richards

H. Christine Richards

Research Director