April 8, 2021

2:00 pm EDT


SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon plan is among the most ambitious plans in the U.S. and will serve as a model for how communities and regions transform themselves in the post-pandemic world that faces increasingly occurrences of extreme climate related events. Understanding SMUD’s plan and the unique landscape facing midsized utilities, their appetite for innovation, and the challenges they face will help utilities and their strategic partners better plan for the future. In addition, the post-pandemic world will yield significant opportunities for utilities to take advantage of digital solutions to make data-driven business decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Join Zpryme, SMUD, and SAP in this webinar to Learn: 

  • SMUD is accelerating policies to combat climate change
  • How SMUD and SAP are enabling customers, partners, and employees through digital innovation
  • SMUD’s plans for equitable economic growth via advancing Sacramento as a global test-bed for clean tech Innovation
  • Mid-sized utility strategies for improving customer engagement, managing cyber threats, and enhancing grid resiliency
  • How recent extreme weather events are impacting long-term investment decisions in infrastructure

Webinar Thought Leaders