Date: March 2nd, 2016
Time: 12:00pm ET
Price: FREE

Webinar Playback

An ambitious experiment is underway in Chicago and northern Illinois. With direction and purpose, ComEd is building the Utility of the Future – a future driven by increasing customer demand for more choice and personalized services, growing interest in distributed generation, expectations for cleaner, leaner energy use and the promise of new technologies – from smart thermostats to Smart Cities and more.

This webinar will discuss ComEd’s Utility of the Future plans, along with how its technologies feed into business models, policies and the premium customer experience of the future. This transformation is driving economic growth, creating new business opportunities and thousands of jobs in the third-largest economic region in the nation.  With a core competency in energy and related technologies, the region is poised to benefit from ComEd’s intense focus on innovation and a robust collaborative ecosystem.  Come gain an insider’s perspective on ComEd’s plan through speakers including:

Webinar Thought Leaders

Joseph Svachula

Joseph Svachula

Vice President, Engineering and Smart Grid

Issac Akridge

Isaac Akridge

Vice President, Regulatory Projects

Brian Hurst

Brian Hurst

Director of Business Analytics

ModeratorAndrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston

President, Energy Thought Summit