Date: December 13, 2016
Time: 1:00pm ET
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Microgrids are a hot topic in the energy industry, but few truly understand their complexities or what their role will look like in the future energy ecosystem. How significant of an impact will they have on the energy industry? And how will utilities engage with microgrids? Are they friends or foes? Join Siemens and Zpryme as we take a deeper look at microgrid trends across North America, and how utilities are addressing microgrids. Discussion points include:

  • The business value of microgrids for utilities
  • The interoperability of microgrids in the larger electric grid
  • Utility perceptions and understanding of microgrids
  • Challenges of developing microgrids

Webinar Thought Leaders


Erik Ellis

Manager, Technology Assessment
Arizona Public Service


Clark Wiedetz

Director, Microgrid and Renewable Integration
Siemens Digital Grid US

ModeratorH. Christine Richards

H. Christine Richards

Research Director