Utilities surveyed say the top three most significant benefits to implementing a demand flexibility program are increased resilience (66%), energy cost savings (52%), and increased customer satisfaction (39%)

Challenges include technology (56%), identifying customer needs (49%), and regulatory barriers (34%)

San Antonio, TX, February 22, 2024 — A groundbreaking national report, a joint initiative of the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), ZPRYME, and DOER/MAKER, three influential organizations at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector, was released today, shedding light on the transformative potential of demand flexibility in shaping the future of sustainable energy. The national report was unveiled during the keynote address at the AESP Annual Conference, underscoring its significance in the energy services industry. 

“As advocates for innovation in the energy sector, DOER/MAKER is thrilled to be part of this collaborative effort. Our contribution to this report reflects our dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. By exploring demand flexibility, we hope to inspire industry leaders and influencers to chart a course towards a more dynamic and resilient grid,” said Ashley Santor, Founder and  CEO of DOER/MAKER. 

The research comprised an international literature review and interviews with over 60 utility executives and thought leaders across the U.S. Three key takeaways from the report revolve around what needs to be solved today for utilities around demand flexibility programs: technology, regulatory barriers, and the need for a human-centered approach when understanding customer needs. 

Insights from the report reveal that utilities predominantly prioritize three key benefits when contemplating the implementation of a demand flexibility program: heightened resilience (66%), energy cost savings (52%), and increased customer satisfaction (39%). 

“AESP recognizes that the results unveiled in this report are more than just statistics—they represent a pivotal shift in the energy landscape. As utilities increasingly prioritize resilience, reliability, and energy cost savings, the report further underscores the urgency for innovative solutions and a human-centered approach. The findings reflect the current pulse of utilities and lay the foundation for a future where demand flexibility becomes a cornerstone in building robust, customer-centric, and sustainable energy ecosystems,” said Jennifer Szaro, President and CEO of AESP.

The report revealed that 39% of utilities plan to implement a demand flexibility program within the next one to three years, comprising 11% within the next year and 28% within the next three years. Additionally, 15% of utilities indicated no plans to implement such a program.

“ZPRYME views the report’s findings as a dynamic indicator of the shifting landscape in the utility sector and a strong testament to the sector’s readiness for transformative change. This surge in strategic planning reflects a collective acknowledgment of the importance of demand flexibility in navigating the evolving energy terrain. Although 15% express no immediate plans, the data signals a clear momentum toward integrating flexibility solutions into utility operations. ZPRYME is committed to providing valuable insights to support this positive trajectory,”  said Jason Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder Zpryme.

This collaborative effort between AESP, ZPRYME, and DOER/MAKER represents a shared vision for a sustainable energy future. The report aims to ignite conversations, inspire action, and empower stakeholders to harness the transformative power of demand flexibility. Together, these organizations are leading the charge toward a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

About AESP 

Founded in 1989, AESP is a not-for-profit, member-based association dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, demand-side management, distributed energy resources, and demand response programs. AESP achieves its mission through knowledge amplification, professional development, and community building. Learn more at aesp.org.


ZPRYME is a prominent research and advisory firm specializing in energy and leverages its deep industry insights to provide strategic guidance and insights into the evolving energy landscape. Zpryme produces influential research, events like ETS (Energy Thought Summit), and premium media experiences that challenge the status quo. Their research is pivotal in informing the recommendations outlined in the report, contributing valuable perspectives to the national discourse on demand flexibility. 


DOER/MAKER is a forward-thinking marketing agency committed to driving innovation in the energy sector. A collective of senior marketing experts specializing in solving client problems, DOER/MAKER was founded by Ashley Nicholls and Bill Stowe, a strategic/creative team with decades of agency and marketing experience.Learn more at doermaker.com

The entire State of Demand Flexibility Report will launch in February 2024

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