Today is #WomensEqualityDay and marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. In honor of women paving the way for future generations, Zpryme is celebrating some the women of energy who continue to shape the lives of the world around them:

MaryAnne Brelinsky, EDF Energy Services WATCH
From growing up with two inspiring grandmothers to dedicating her bandwidth for the empowerment of women in energy, learn more about how making the people around her better has shaped the leader she is today.

Julia Hamm, SEPA WATCH
Covering questions such as what’s the greatest energy struggle in the world today to why SEPA is important for the energy industry. From growing up in Upstate New York to launching her career-trajectory at Cornell University learn more about how energy gives her life meaning.

Paula Gold-Williams, CPS Energy WATCH
The conversation drills down on leadership, her cornerstone People First ethos, remote work, and how the company will continue to build a clean energy future via the Flexible Path strategy.

Emilie McGlone, Peace Boat US WATCH
From her enthusiasm to bring all backgrounds together to Peace Boat’s most influential venture yet, Ecoship — learn more about how an environmental awareness bike ride in Japan prompted a soul-felt journey to promote peace, human rights, and sustainability around the world.

Carolyn Kissane, NYU WATCH
Covering topics such as climate change misconceptions, the next energy transition and how she arrived at NYU. From growing up in the Bronx to her time in Kazakhstan, learn more about how the classroom impacts not only her students, but also the energy industry we share.

Andrea Ruotolo, Worley WATCH
This work is driven by her personal goal to build resilient infrastructure to create an anti-fragile society. To be anti-fragile is more than being resilient. It means having the ability to improve from disorder, not just rebound. Andrea discusses the role digital systems and distributed energy play in an anti-fragile society.

Lisa Lambert, National Grid Partners WATCH
what shapes her passion for innovation, giving back, and sports, namely, basketball. NGP is the venture investment and innovation arm of National Grid plc and focuses on strategic and financially-attractive investments designed to drive company-wide innovation.

From her experience with the “Tennessee Coal Ash Spill” to the man-made event that has had the greatest impact on regulation and policy, learn more about how she wants to leave a legacy to help others.

Dawn Zimmer, 38th Mayor of Hoboken WATCH
From her parents being the ultimate role models to experiencing Hurricane Sandy, learn more about how combining a proactive community with new grid resiliency tech are essential for a new energy future.

Mary Powell, Green Mountain Power WATCH
Fielded questions such as: Greatest impact in life, community, Tesla Powerwall, and what legacy her generation will leave behind.

Kelly Tomblin, Jamaica Public Service Company WATCH
Covered questions such as: Who inspired her growing up, receiving CEO of the Year, and how the energy industry can attract and retain talented people.

Donna Nelson, Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman WATCH
Fielded questions such as: how did you get your start working in the energy sector, greatest Texas challenges, successes, and major opportunities, advice for college students considering an energy sector career?

Jessica McDonald, BC Hydro WATCH
What makes you passionate about working in energy, future tech and energy trends, and how is BC Hydro different than other electric utilities around North America?

Marcy Reed, National Grid WATCH
As long as you pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes failure isn’t something to be afraid of. This is a snippet from the podcast Energy Leadership on Mentorship.

Nancy Bui-Thompson, SMUD WATCH
Drawing from personal experience, five energy professionals outline areas in energy where they are seeing women succeed and areas where perhaps greater efforts need to be made to bring women in.