This study shows how service providers can deliver the expertise energy companies need as they lose their asset experts—89 percent of power and oil & gas companies expect to lose experienced personnel due to retirement in the next five years, and 35 percent will see more than 25 percent of their asset experts disappear. OSIsoft is challenging service providers to step up to fill these gaps in expertise, and think differently about their relationship with customers through information-sharing about customer assets.

View and download the accompanying report here.

Key Findings

  • Nearly 70 percent of service providers see sharing asset data playing an increasingly important role in the next five years.
  • Oil & gas service providers are experiencing the highest rates of data sharing with 50 percent of them reporting that at least a quarter of their customers are already sharing asset data with them.
  • When supplying data-sharing capabilities, power service providers face the greatest challenge with upfront capital investments (48 percent) while for oil & gas service providers the biggest challenge is securing personnel with the right expertise (41 percent).
  • More than 50 percent of customers are comfortable providing data to trusted service providers.
  • Customers are weighing several different factors when selecting a service provider, however, cost is not the most important—expertise ranks at the top, followed by trust.

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