From Zpryme and elsewhere in the energy industry you’ve likely heard a lot about The Grid of the Future, which includes microgrids, renewable power, smart grid, distributed generation resources, home automation, and electric vehicles. These are all great efforts, and certainly mass deployments for some of these technologies are still a ways off. But even as these future grid technologies move forward, there’s another realm to explore: The Futuristic Grid. That’s what we’ll explore in the report, Future Grid vs Futuristic Grid: Robots, Drones and Other Utility Science Fiction.

Report Topics

  • Robots, drones and autonomous vehicles
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Enhanced reality, such as wearables, virtual reality and augmented reality
  • 3D printing

Key Findings

  • Technologies focused on autonomy and self-learning—things like drones, robots, artificial intelligence—are considered the most practical in the next five years.
  • While overall the most practical technology is likely a drone, the most influential will be artificial intelligence.
  • Technologies enhancing user experience are going to be somewhat influential, and 3D printing has some practical uses, but is likely not going to be influential.

Figure. Practicality of Futuristic Grid Technologies

Source: Zpryme

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