Energy systems innovator and economist, Erin Grossi, sits down with Zpryme’s Erin Autin to talk about the “mission critical” nature of building out digital platforms to detect, measure, monitor and control EVs today. We have been talking about the need for more national infrastructure to support EV ramp up in the United States, it’s time to focus on the need for digital systems that can incorporate EVs as assets within the electrical system. We need a lot more predictability when it comes to charging and transacting with vehicles, and work on fundamental digital technologies like load disaggregation suggest we aren’t yet on track to do this effectively. In order to keep the evolution of clean distributed energy systems on track, the US will need to make more commercial space for tech companies to maneuver at the edge of the grid and supply needed capabilities so we can take advantage of EV growth and leverage it to develop the broader economy.