Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST
Price: FREE

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Webinar Summary

Utilities face seemingly endless imperatives today. Improve reliability. Reduce costs. Increase efficiency. Address environmental regulations. Integrate renewable energy sources and electric vehicles to the grid. A smart grid can help address all of these priorities. But many so-called “smart grid technologies” aren’t field-proven. Or they require extensive engineering by the end user – to the extent they aren’t practical to implement or maintain.

In this webinar, Smart Grid Applications and Connectivity Solutions: Today, Tomorrow, sponsored by S&C Electric Company attendees will get thorough analysis from Oncor, Austin Energy, and S&C thought leaders on the evolution, current state, and trajectory of grid applications, with an overview of the requirements they impose on communication systems that support them. Characterizations of various communication system solutions are addressed, along with their general performance capabilities and how this translates to support of grid applications. In addition, utility speakers will touch upon how energy efficiency and demand response are impacting the U.S. grid in big ways.

Webinar Focus Areas

  • AMI for the Future Grid
  • Part 1: Grid Applications Requirements & Connectivity Options
  • Part 2: Grid Applications Requirements & Connectivity Options
  • Demand Response Optimization & Management System Pilot
  • Thought Leader Q&A

Webinar Thought Leaders

Donivon Hettich

S&C Electric Company

Director of Grid Connectivity

Christopher A. McCarthy

S&C Electric Company

Director, Grid Network Control

Jonathan Pettit

Oncor Electric Delivery

AMI Program Manager, AMS & STDM Program

Russell Shaver

Austin Energy

Consulting Engineer, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies

Andrew Johnston

Austin Energy

Executive Director, Central Texas Fuel Independence Project

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